Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SCOM Web Application Monitoring - The URL probe returned error code -2147012894 Reason 0x80072ee2

The URL probe returned error code -2147012894. Reason: 0x80072ee2

I am new to SCOM 2007 R2 Web Application Monitoring, and there seems to be a surprisingly small amount of information out there for some of the errors that I started to get when testing out the functionality.

I have not completed my testing, but this blog details my findings of how to get past the cryptic error above.

My RMS does not have direct Internet access.  All Internet access needs to travel out via a proxy and the users need to be a member of a specific group to do so. 

So my play was to setup an application monitor and then configure a proxy for the test.  I setup a new web application monitor and tried to run the test function, and received an error code -2147012894 with a reason of 0x80072ee2. 

I click on details and get the same information.  Helpful.

After some general investigation into proxies and SCOM web application, it appears that SCOM cannot pull proxy information from your IE browser, as a lot of applications do, it needs to be configured using netsh if you are running Server 2008 (R2), or proxycfg if you are running Server 2003.  I am running Server 2008 R2 so in this case I ran:

netsh winhttp set proxy x.x.x.x:port

I then re-ran the test and this time, no -2147012894 error! I now get an http error 407 (proxy authentication error), this is the next step I need to figure out, how/where to configure the proxy authentication account. 

Hopefully this will help someone who has been equally stumped with the cryptic -2147012894 error.

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